Life is a soul-shaking profound event, an utterly mystical journey that most people sleepwalk through with a defensive heart and accepted mediocrity. There is no genuine, authentic evolution of our consciousness without true initiation, meeting our challenges with heroic courage, and experiential rebirth from the matrix of our self-created illusions. Our essence can only be embodied according to the depth we are willing to unravel our rigid perceptual knots and dance in the fire with our own flickering shadows.

Are You a Waking One?

Rather than binding the mind deeper into concepts through a typical workshop, Amoraea creates archetypal alchemical events that stir our sacred passions, unlock the memories of our soul’s true nature, and shift our vibrational distortions brought on by past wounds.
These uniquely designed intensives, trainings, and ceremonies of archetypal initiation serve the purpose of accelerating spiritual evolution. By recognizing we hold the keys to our own transformation and enlightenment, the focus is on opening our inner treasury through expanding into a pure holographic awareness and expression of our Essential Self. Everything is cultivated from heart intelligence and remembrance that we are embodiments of Divine Love, that an incredible power exists within us and that it is our birthright to release it.


Evolutionary Soul Intensives & Ecstatic Retreats
Alchemical Ceremonies
Personal ‘Soul Discovery’ & Evolutionary Attunement Sessions
Spiritual Counseling & Life-Coaching
Transformational Breathwork & Vibrational Healing Workshops
Somatic Intuitive Integration & Movement Practices

These Transmissions are uniquely designed for the evolutionary times we live in

Through an immersion in high-frequency group fields orchestrated by Amoraea, the ego naturally transforms its patterns of density so the catalytic light of the Soul can emerge, anchor and sustain for lasting shifts that affect our passion and purpose in the world. From this power, we weave together the gifts of our unique Divine Blueprint to co-create and re-engineer the New Earth.

Your whole body, in every dimension, is your soul in manifest form.

Most of humanity has ignorantly disconnected from their body as a vehicle of true intelligence and a pathway to the creative energy of the Universe. Your Essence is attuned to through the vital discovery of your energy body’s fluid systems and kundalini. No true mastery of consciousness will come but through a full awakening and intimate relationship with your body, born from self-love and deep inquiry. Generate a new possibility inside by learning how to nourish and express your inner gifts once you’ve been distilled down to your core radiant essence.

You are part of a Collective Planetary Field.

What is done for One is done for All. Amoraea’s events create a sacred bridge between your Soul’s evolution and the evolution of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. As you release personal wounds and limiting programs, so you assist in a planetary release of negative programming. As you activate personal codes of genius and liberate your soul, so you leverage the birth of new possibilities for the human family.

Minister the Evolutionary Patterning of Human Consciousness

“Never before has our planetary evolution required us with such urgency to harness our destined potential and stand in the truth of who we authentically are. As an Initiate of Life’s Mystery, will you walk through the Gate of the Undefended Heart and rise in Phoenix Form as Your Unlimited Self? I invite you to come and explore what is possible in the alchemical field we create together.”