Your Divine Blueprint is your original Immortal Essence as a Limitless Soul seeking full expression in this lifetime

Amoraea’s transformational teachings include courses & trainings, books, visionary art, healing ceremonies, and meditation music, created specifically for engaging the ‘Divine Human’ Blueprint and transporting you into a sense of the Sacred.

The tools offered here are for those with yearning desire to awaken more of their Spiritual Presence and liberate their Soul’s inherent qualities by:
1) accessing higher-frequency states of consciousness.
2) guiding you into direct mystically embodied experiences
3) connecting you deeper to your Indwelling Light
4) dismantling what has kept you from offering your Soul at the Altar of Love

You will find all of Amoraea’s offerings work synergistically together for you to:
* receive the ‘Codes of Light’ within your Divine Blueprint
* achieve visionary inspired states of awareness
* deepen your meditation/spiritual practice
* dissolve the matrix of your Original Wounds
* explore the Higher Spheres of Divine Love by probing the infinite depths of the personal heart
Divine Blueprint is dedicated to the awakening and integrative synthesis of our personal and collective Soul’s embodiment. All of Amoraea’s transmissions are richly woven from a universal language of embodied wisdom, revealing direct experiential keys for engaging the Awakened Heart.The Prime Directive of Divine Blueprint is full sentience and radical self-awareness. Amoraea’s teachings map out the creation of a new inner world of sacred embodiment, power, love, and life purpose. An active participation with the Divine requires us to recognize and embody the Divine Within. Our intention is for you to learn the essential stages of the Divinization process and experience a clear vision of how this evolution into Divine Humanity unfolds. You are someone who aspires more than anything to be a dynamic facilitator of conscious evolution and accelerator of Humanity’s Birth to its next phase, by first anchoring certain codes of internal mastery and integration.

Once our connection with the Divine is established, we can precipitate the dewdrop of our Individual Light as it pertains to our Life Path. We each carry unique Light Codes that are designed to unlock and manifest – these seeds or “Divine Blueprints” hold the keys of why we chose to enter the Earth Journey. Clarifying our vision and refining our own inherent magic are fundamental to prepare us for walking our Purpose. Whether you are inspired by my books, Course Trainings, mystical art, or vibrational healing music, we hope that your inherent purpose is illuminated by our offerings here…

Sincerely, Amoraea

Celebrating Spiritual Awareness through
Wisdom Teachings, Embodiment Training, Sacred Art, & Music for Meditation