In Service

As Founder of the Eternal Flame Sanctuary in Kauai and The Light School, Visionary & Soul Awareness Facilitator, Sacred Ceremonialist & Spiritual Artist, Amoraea’s passion for awakening our ‘Divine Human’ potential has led to a treasury of embodied teachings and events ministering the evolution of the species.

Western culture has forgotten the ancient art of Initiation, an alchemical process to raise you through successive stages of embodied mastery, inner freedom, and mystical connection to Life. We all love the idea of resurrection, yet we need a breakthrough experience that catapults us beyond our inner walls.

Amoraea is an Initiator who holds the mirror up for your Mastery to become visible and transmute hidden aspects you have veiled yourself from. Through 20 years of consistent internal exploration and esoteric education, ‘The Phoenix Code’ has taken shape as an extensive experiential approach to breaking through our false identity and awakening to our Ecstatic Potential as Divine Humans on a dynamic and infinitely evolving journey. Amoraea draws from many ‘Alchemical Arts’ to create a whole-systems transformation in your psyche, soul, heart, and body so that the resurrected new light in you is grounded without old patterns finding root again.

Equally expressed in his writings, visionary art and music is the acceleration of both personal and planetary evolution through higher-dimensional awareness and ‘The Ensoulment Process.’  His Intensive Trainings emphasize becoming an evolutionary ambassador in this time of Great Awakening with an understanding that the Re-enchantment and Restoration of the Earth can only happen with a complete transfiguration into the Divinized Self.

“An active participation with the Divine requires us to recognize and embody the Divine Within.”


“ Amoraea is a true Shamangelic Wizard, using all available modalities and frequencies to dispense deep Archetypal codes for alchemical transformation of Consciousness on this Planet. His work is a must for any explorer and seeker of the deeper wisdom and meanings of existence.”~Eugene A. Alliende, MFT

“Amoraea’s greatest gift is in creating a high frequency space of integrity, truth and love for you to open to deep communion with yourself and your own God presence. Be it thru ceremony, personal healing sessions, his art or his music, Amoraea’s humbleness and dedication in opening to his own mastery allows him to also see and recognize you at your highest level and thus reflect this to you. He remembers and knows who you truly are and is able to help you open and access these pathways to your own wisdom and remembrance….to help you awaken to and embody your own divinity. This gift.. to see and be seen, with no separation… has helped open my life to all its possibilities. I am eternally grateful.
~Katherine Cross

“Amoraea brings his divine mastery and frequency to all of his ceremonies, holding multi-dimensional space for the group while activating each one’s Soul through the Christed attunement that he holds.”
~An-Ra-Nae, Alchemical Priestess & Founder of ‘Mystic Journey OM’ alchemical oils

“Amoraea has a tremendous ability to ignite my Soul’s sense of destiny and help align me with Divine Will. His words flow like a fountain of Truth to liberate my mind, but what makes his ceremonies so powerful is that I get in touch with my OWN truth directly through experiencing my purest essence.”
~Christina Salome, Life Coach & Healer

“Amoraea walks this earth consciously connected to and one with his divinity. He is an adept master of frequency and vibration and he activates healing, higher consciousness and Soul acceleration for each one present. Each circle is a cosmic journey into other realms and dimensions that I believe facilitates change cellularly and within the very structure of the DNA.”
~An-Ra-Nae, Alchemical Priestess & Founder of ‘Joyous Transformations’ Healing and ‘Mystic Journey OM’ alchemical oils

“I’ve participated in well over two dozen group ceremonies facilitated by Amoraea and each one of them was an incredible and unique experience. I’ve experienced the radiance and peace of my pure being in these ceremonies, healed physical imbalances, and much more that can’t possibly be expressed! Amoraea creates and holds a sacred space of pure love and light where anyone who enters therein will experience a greater harmonization of their being, a tangible experience of their own pure love and light, and take a giant leap in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual unfoldment. I highly recommend that everyone gift themselves the opportunity to be immersed in this sacred space of love and light; ride the harmonic tones of the dideridoo and crystal bowls; feel God’s love flowing through Amoraea’s gentle but potent touch; allow their body to dissolve as their soul flies; inhale pure essence; and much, much more.”
~Timothy Stuetz, Master of Ancient Arts and Sacred Sciences, Chief Executive Officer of “Transformations”

“During the final ceremony in the Divine Human Blueprint seminar, I felt my own Divine nature so strongly after you helped unblock me in my lower chakras. Finally my Spirit decided to allow full release from the frustration, difficulty, and depression for the last few years. You really helped free me from a deep soul pain and the densities of this plane, which had felt crushing to me. I am so deeply grateful to you for that, thank you. These days my life is really flowing again, and I am feeling light and free and clear almost all of the time.”