“Amoraea walks this earth consciously with his divinity. He is an adept master of frequency and vibration, and he activates healing, higher consciousness and Soul acceleration for each one present. Each circle is a cosmic journey into other realms and dimensions that I believe facilitates change cellularly and within the very structure of the DNA.”

~An-Ra-Nae, Priestess and founder of ‘Mystic Journey OM’ alchemical oils

“Amoraea creates and holds a sacred space of pure love and light where anyone who enters therein will experience a greater harmonization of their being, a tangible experience of their own pure love and light, and take a giant leap in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual unfoldment.” T.S.

“ I highly recommend that everyone gift themselves the opportunity to be immersed in this sacred space of love and light; ride the harmonic tones of the dideridoo and crystal bowls;  feel God’s love flowing through Amoraea’s gentle but potent touch; allow their body to dissolve as their soul flies; inhale pure essence; and much, much more.”

~Timothy Stuetz, Master of Ancient Arts and Sacred Sciences, Chief Executive Officer of “Transformations”

“Amoraea’s greatest gift is in creating a high frequency space of integrity, truth and love for you to open to deep communion with yourself and your own God presence. Be it thru ceremony, personal healing sessions, his art or his music, Amoraea’s humbleness and dedication in opening to his own mastery allows him to also see and recognize you at your highest level and thus reflect this to you. He remembers and knows who you truly are and is able to help you open and access these pathways to your own wisdom and remembrance….to help you awaken to and embody your own divinity. This gift.. to see and be seen, with no separation… has helped open my life to all its possibilities. I am eternally grateful.”

One of the most sacred experiences in my life occurred when I took part in Amoraea’s Central Sun Activation ceremony. It wasn’t just a guided meditation or feeling a little energy…Amoraea actually ushered me into other realms while radiating such a beautiful frequency to allow me to be at my most positive and fearless nature. I can honestly say that I have never experienced god as I did that night, and it was something so holy and mind-shattering that for days after I was told by others that I was glowing, and spent most of the day in complete bliss. Right after the ceremony finished, I remembered coming back to the room and could not even feel or comprehend the floor beneath me. I had gone so far into the spirit world, which I had never really done before, that my awareness seemed almost infinite. Being a somewhat “normal” guy at 23, I can honestly say that Amoraea and what he offers is accessible to everyone, with a passion for providing experiences in real life so profound and other-wordly, that I can only seem to compare it to the film Avatar, where you are transported to a place of infinite beauty, courage, and what they call in Costa Rica, Pura Vida (Pure Life).—   Daniel Fingerhut, Filmmaker

Testimonials for Visionary Art

“ Amoraea Dreamseed is a true Shamangelic Wizard…dispensing deep Archetypal codes for alchemical transformation of Consciousness on this Planet. He conveys ancient memories that help unleash the viewer’s deepest potentials. His work is a must for any explorer and seeker of the deeper wisdom and meanings of existence.  Be (A)ware, as his art and musical masterpieces are fully psychoactive and mutational, engaging the receiving organism with the highest of spiritual frequencies that are sure to shift your reality tunnels. His work is a must for any explorer and seeker of the deeper wisdom and meanings of existence.””

~Eugene A. Alliende, MFT

“To explain your art and how magickal it is, is to explain you.  You are a visionary of past, present and future living all at once.  As a multidimensional angel, you bring to humankind your blessings of light, harmony, balance and unconditional love through these beautiful and radiant works of art.

Hearts and souls can be awakened, just by gazing into the sacred geometry of each and every painting.  My Heart sings to be around such beauty!”

~Leslie Sloane,  Priestess & Founder of “Auracle’s Colour Therapy, Inc.

Testimonials for Music

“Amoraea’s sonic synthesis takes me immediately into higher states of consciousness. It is at once deep and majestic, shamanic and angelic in nature… they are dynamic and engaging with seamlessly woven emotional landscapes that inspire me into exaltation.  To experience the celestial music of Amoraea is to experience the healing presence of the Divine.”

~ElijahRecording Artist, Visionary Composer     — www.bandoflight.ning.com

“I just cannot describe in words how your music and meditation CDs effect me.  I cannot get enough of this sound and I play it with earphones in the office most of the day and then when I come home and I listen to it whilst meditating.  It works on my energyfields on many levels, certainly I can attribute this beautiful sound to helping me remain balanced and calm in the Corporate World (it has been my saving grace) and also I go so much deeper in my meditations than I ever have been able to.  It is as if my soul is thirsting and being quenched when I listen to these CDs  – so all I can say is…… more please!!”  —  Catherine Galathianakis

“There is a mystical chord pervading ‘Antahkarana’ that attunes my soul to a real sense of the Divine.  I am taken on a new journey every time I play it!  And I play it all the time – in my Reiki Healing Sessions, in my solo meditation time, at night when I go to sleep, and when I really am called to open the gates into multi-dimensional awareness.  This has become a soundtrack for my soul’s passage through life.”

~Stephanie Karacene Spiritual Workshop Organizer / Promoter

“Amoraea’s music is like a superluminal LIFT into the higher dimensions.  Even people who don’t considered themselves practiced meditators tell me that they are virtually swept up into enlightened spheres. These celestial soundtracks pull me into sublime spaces, into deep spiritual dimensions, that ignite my soul with higher truths and open doors for illumination.  The nature of his music, based on true spiritual experiences, catapults one into such profound states with ease.”

~Ilona SelkeAuthor & international seminar teacher  — www.livingfromvision.com

General Testimonials

“Wherever Amoraea goes, he weaves a crystalline matrix of higher harmonics, a powerful grid that coaxes out all energies, traumas, matrices that are not of this pure light.  Through the medium of his unique shamanic breathwork and bodywork, forgotten crystallized traumas stored in my lower chakras were finally able to disperse, and then become released into Amoraea’s magnetic healing vortex to be transmuted into pure light. Pure love, light, and awakening were then poured in to nourish these forgotten areas of the body.  Whether in a private healing session or his powerful group ceremonies, the kaleidoscope of light codes imbued within his magical artwork, magnificent music, pure poetry of his words, combined with an incisive intuition in applied bodywork, all contributed to unlocking unprecedented pivot points of healing for me.

I had never before encountered a man embodying such a radical combination of pure love, light, wisdom, compassion, power, gentleness, and kindness, thus gifting me with an experience of the Divine Masculine. While gently relating to the human parts that were healing, Amoraea further empowered me as he gave transmissions that activated me to experience my own higher self.  As he recognized me in my glorified Divine nature, I could then begin to see myself through those blessed lenses.

I know that Amoraea is an embodied representative from the purest realms of light, sound, and love, sent to Earth to activate remembrance of our galactic highest origins, our divine birthright, at this time of Ascension.  If you truly want to awaken to the magnificent glory of your own true nature and claim the sword of truth, then I wholeheartedly recommend Amoraea as a healer, artist, and divine emissary.” ~Abby Scoville

“I met Amoraea and received a session from him in the summer of 2010. The sensations I felt were indescribable, unearthly, and despite my sincere efforts, I began to laugh and felt as if I was physically melting away. It was as if something inside of me was stirring and waking up that seemed so familiar, yet so distant until now. So many of the walls and anchors that were compressing me and hindering me melted so quickly and powerfully that I did not feel I was even a human anymore, or in a body, but simply an expansive presence filled with bliss and wisdom. “

Testimonials for Course Manual and guided Meditation CD

“Using your processes, I created a solar body, and then a stellar field.   I suddenly found myself able to access the Bardo: that substraight that is the point that is everything.
Everyday, I am visited now by amazing teachers who have used this as  the jumping off point to take me to deeper and more intense training than ever before.  Your CD’s were the catalyst and I felt that you were so inspired to create them in the way that you did.  The last couple months have been the best and most learning filled I have had in many years.
With your music as the background, and your perfect melodious voice, they create the most easy to follow meditation that I have ever heard.  Sometimes I just use it as background to my own because it helps me to get into the right frame of mind so much quicker.”
— Danae Harding