Aloha Ohana * Sacred Family

I am honored to present a transformational and illuminating spectrum of visionary art, healing ceremonies, and sound healing music, created specifically for your Higher Self, Lightbody and DNA activation.

Divine Blueprint is dedicated to the awakening and integrative synthesis of our personal and collective Soul’s embodiment.  All of my transmissions are richly woven from a universal language of spiritual wisdom, revealing direct experiential keys for engaging Higher Consciousness.

An active participation with the Divine requires us to recognize and embody the Divine Within.  I share my spirit-commissioned offerings internationally with intention of sparking the collective heart of humanity to experience their most exalted selves as creative holographic expressions of The Source.  When we experience the Soul as a vehicle that is passionately driven towards Spirit, we begin to establish an Axis of Light upon which to clearly travel through the subtler dimensions of Creation. It is from this state of spiritual definition that we journey through the upper branches of our own ‘Cosmic Tree’ and make tangible our Higher Self.
Once our connection with the Divine is established, we can precipitate the dewdrop of our Individual Light as it pertains to our Life Path. We each carry unique Light Codes that are designed to unlock and manifest – these seeds or divine blueprints hold the keys of why we chose to enter the Earth Journey.  Clarifying our vision and refining our own inherent magic are fundamental to prepare us for walking our Purpose.  Whether you are inspired by my mystical art, vibrational healing music, or breathwork and soul healing ceremonies, I hope that your inherent purpose is illuminated by my offerings here…

With Love and Respect,


Spiritual Awareness through
Sacred Art, Music for Meditation, & Vibrational Healing