The Priest

Upon the throne or ritual platform of the earthly kingdom stands Man (& Woman), woven into the precious fabric of Nature with all Her glorious elements. Arising to the status of Priest or Priestess, taking sovereign ownership of his/her own seamless connection to God, and penetrating through the mysteries of the veils between dimensions, he/she Continue reading

Celestial Communion

You can feel it – the calm night breeze is charged with the full moon’s celestial radiance. These souls have prepared and trained weeks for the co-creation of this portal into the higher spheres of Consciousness — they serve as a bridge for the Cosmic Intelligence to precipitate down into the energetic grids of the Continue reading


This image may represent Jeshua and his Divine Counterpart Mary Magdalene anchoring the Divine Force of God through their beings and establishing the ‘Antahkarana Bridge’ (in Sanskrit – the ‘line of communication’ or thread that is gradually constructed within a being from personality to Monad or Source.) On a more general level, the image represents Continue reading

Aloha Ohana * Sacred Family

I am honored to present a transformational and illuminating spectrum of visionary art, healing ceremonies, and sound healing music, created specifically for your Higher Self, Lightbody and DNA activation. Divine Blueprint is dedicated to the awakening and integrative synthesis of our personal and collective Soul’s embodiment.  All of my transmissions are richly woven from a Continue reading