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Divine Blueprint Ceremonies

The conscious, direct exploration of embodying the ‘Divine Human’ potential and the collective transformation of humanity is the heart of each of Amoraea’s ceremonies and seminars. In a potent blend of gentle guidance and empowering techniques, Amoraea shares his depth of knowledge and spiritual experience to support the integration of new holographic templates for spiritually embodied living. Amoraea’s ceremonies facilitate the opening of new harmonics of thought, will and consciousness to advance you through your evolutionary design, with a variety of seminars and ceremonies devoted to lasting and profound transformation, healing and awakening in our daily lives.


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Dynamic Infinity Series

Exploring the human organism as a fluid system that is self-healing, regenerating, and guided by a Universal Intelligence.

We allow the organic spiraling wave of body, breath, sound to emerge as an infinitely rich collaboration for renewal, health, and awareness. Explore your Gaian Tantric Body through guided motions that open symbiotic union with the elements, natural processes, flora and fauna.

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Piercing the Inner Veils ~ Weekend Immersion

A deeply experiential intensive for entering a new realm of Embodied Awareness through archetypal ceremonies of initiation, learning & applying self-mastery tools,& cutting-edge transmissions of new paradigm models. A primordial regenerative dive into Your Inner Cosmos to unite with your greatest desire – the One Desire that is secretly behind every other!

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Ecstatic Breathwork Journey

Dive Into Your Inner Sea of Untapped Potential

Voyage together into vast and magnificent explorations of our body’s capacity to self-
organize, heal, and re-pattern itself into a higher state. We will entrain our breath through transformational techniques, intention-setting, ceremonial invocation, music, and a full immersive guided journey under the care of multiple facilitators.

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A Ceremonial Mytheatrical Archetypal Journey

Become a Super-Conductor
Of Your Life’s Masterpeace,
The Orchestrator of All That Is,
Make the Unconscious Conscious,
The Transpersonal Personal,
The Agony into Ecstasy,
in the Tantra of Transmutation
Like the spread of a peacock tail, you have an eye in the heart of every living being on the planet, & your perpetual death & rebirth serves in the transformation of collective fear.

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Tree of Life

An Archetypal Journey to Awaken the Pattern of Creation Within You

Experiential Journey includes: Time traveling, Quantum Engineering, Rewiring Neural Circuits, Spherical Consciousness, Visitations from our Future, Accessing Biological Intelligence

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The Master’s Circle

An Evening of Ceremonial Magic…

….for reinstating our * Alchemical capacity to worldbridge by entering non-dual tantric state * Holographic Resonance with Divine Intelligence to receive clear guidance for Earth’s Ascension * personal and planetary clearing and releasing outdated circuitry * Evolutionary Ambassadorship for stewarding Gaia.


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This is an Ancient Egyptian Initiation of Death and Resurrection, undergoing an archetypal Mystery Rites Ritual into the King’s Chamber, for the Awakening of the Sahu Body of Light, through Confronting the Ultimate Shadow and Returning to the Primordial Mother of Creation…

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Alchemical Marriage

Breathing behind ever other relationship is the ultimate Beloved Union with Source….

Through a very precise set of energetic openings and practices our souls are prepared for a transfiguration and union with the ‘Goddessence.’ Through the interpenetration of our hearts and soul-light with that Supreme Source, an alchemical dynamic shift occurs in our nervous system, glands & consciousness. “The final hour of Rumi’s mystic absorption into Non-Dual Awareness, through reclaiming our intense passion for God…”

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Primordial Womb

In our hour of greatest personal & planetary need, the Goddess calls us to return to Her by restoring the Sacred Womb within…

Wombyn and Men alike have been torn away from the primal connection with
their womb-center, an exhaustless source of power, creativity, security and sacred
space. The womb as the Universal Grail, the Holy of Holies, and the place of
Light Conception can be reclaimed by everyone and used to tap into our Divinity. But first we must unlock our own perinatal memories and traumas before we can activate our Womb Power and rebirth ourselves through Immaculate Conception

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Shamanic Healing Journey

For profound healing, release, and rejuvenation of the body and soul!

Awaken the light-currents connecting our soul to our body as we embark on this sonic ‘Shamangelic’ journey through the spiraling tones of the didjeridoo. This ancient indigenous instrument originating from Australia is ceremonially used to entrance one into lucid-dreamlike heightened consciousness for deep healing and rejuvenation. Vibrational healing through the harmonic tones of the didgeridoo are played directly over your body and chakras.

Private Ceremonies & Healing Sessions

Amoraea is available to co-create ceremonies and workshops specifically tailored to a group’s intention, desires and unique request. There is infinite potential and a wealth of inner landscapes for us to travel through together!

Interested to host a Ceremony?

Give yourself and your community the gift of personal and collective transformation and healing by hosting a ceremony. To learn more about bringing a Divine Blueprint Ceremony with Amoraea to your area.

Real People, Real Stories

“Amoraea brings his divine mastery and frequency to all of his ceremonies, holding multi-dimensional space for the group while activating each one’s Soul through the Christed attunement that he holds.”
~An-Ra-Nae, Alchemical Priestess & Founder of ‘Mystic Journey OM’ alchemical oils

“Amoraea has a tremendous ability to ignite my Soul’s sense of destiny and help align me with Divine Will. His words flow like a fountain of Truth to liberate my mind, but what makes his ceremonies so powerful is that I get in touch with my OWN truth directly through experiencing my purest essence.”
~Christina Salome, Life Coach & Healer

“Amoraea walks this earth consciously connected to and one with his divinity. He is an adept master of frequency and vibration and he activates healing, higher consciousness and Soul acceleration for each one present. Each circle is a cosmic journey into other realms and dimensions that I believe facilitates change cellularly and within the very structure of the DNA.”
~An-Ra-Nae, Alchemical Priestess & Founder of ‘Joyous Transformations’ Healing and ‘Mystic Journey OM’ alchemical oils

“I’ve participated in well over two dozen group ceremonies facilitated by Amoraea and each one of them was an incredible and unique experience. I’ve experienced the radiance and peace of my pure being in these ceremonies, healed physical imbalances, and much more that can’t possibly be expressed! Amoraea creates and holds a sacred space of pure love and light where anyone who enters therein will experience a greater harmonization of their being, a tangible experience of their own pure love and light, and take a giant leap in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual unfoldment. I highly recommend that everyone gift themselves the opportunity to be immersed in this sacred space of love and light; ride the harmonic tones of the dideridoo and crystal bowls; feel God’s love flowing through Amoraea’s gentle but potent touch; allow their body to dissolve as their soul flies; inhale pure essence; and much, much more.”
~Timothy Stuetz, Master of Ancient Arts and Sacred Sciences, Chief Executive Officer of “Transformations”

“During the final ceremony in the Divine Human Blueprint seminar, I felt my own Divine nature so strongly after you helped unblock me in my lower chakras. Finally my Spirit decided to allow full release from the frustration, difficulty, and depression for the last few years. You really helped free me from a deep soul pain and the densities of this plane, which had felt crushing to me. I am so deeply grateful to you for that, thank you. These days my life is really flowing again, and I am feeling light and free and clear almost all of the time.”