Testimonials for Metamorphose Ceremony:

“I Would like to express my deepest appreciation for the recent experience with Amoraea, the creator and facilitator of the Metamorphose Ceremony.

Having been in a state of post traumatic syndrome and bodily injury due to a bad car crash, just coming out of a two year cycle of extreme challenge, Amoraea came to Ashland to offer this amazing work, which to me was an extraordinary work of art, providing the portal, as to launch with unsurpassed depth, into the intrinsic self connect.

For many years I have witnessed this being’s growth into the gifted work which he so generously shares. The culmination of his devotion to his own self inquiry and development, shines with such radiance that I was overcome by the safety net and field of love in which to release and receive an honest to goodness, masterful healing.

My highest capacity was midwifed with such care and beauty, the tones and score which anchored the backdrop of this exquisite journey were magnificent. Yes, grace, divinely shifted, in a movement which continues to resound and bless my life.”

Rene LaFaurie

“Thank you for this breathtaking experience!
I must say that I needed most of the next day to integrate the intense energy released and activated that evening.
The music alone set a tone of sacred remembrance and cosmic awareness, experienced immediately as an ambient texture upon entering the sacred space. It was at once, sensual and deeply spiritual, as I was transported to a timeless awareness….awaiting, in near mystical anticipation, what was to come.
Metamorphose is an apt title, as you guided us through a series of magical-musical stages of consciousness, similar to a butterflies transmutation, going all the way back to the birth of the Universe itself, as I recall. And then onward into the all too human world of our own creations, to face our collective plight and opportunities. All this narrated in perfect mythopoetic prose as if coming from above and beyond us. As you said like the Wizard of OZ behind the curtain. I said, “yes!, like the Wizard of Awes…”
And as always you have your colorful celestial wares, including t-shirts, books, and artwork, as yet another layer of your evolutionary offerings. I think if it all as a kind of modern traveling salvation show for mystics in training.
It was truly a magnificent evening, full of wonders & delights, and an on-going display of the possible Humanus Divinicus, at play in the Meta-morphic Fields of Creation! I look forward to other such events.
Much thanks and gratitude…

Erial Ali visionary artist/storyteller/dream explorer