Primordial Womb Ceremony

Testimonial for Primordial Womb Ceremony:
“Amoraea’s Primoridal Womb Ceremony provided yet another critical link in my healing. I had no expectations but found myself receiving surprising information about my own birth and why I carry some of the wounds I do — and then experienced the soothing of those wounds as the ceremony progressed and we accessed the Divine Feminine. The portal Amoraea creates by his sheer presence, voice, teachings, and choice of music is profound; I and others went into a deep altered state in which we received a great deal of information about ourselves, the world, and the Cosmos. It was like a breathwork session without the heavy breathing or a medicine session without the drugs — but all very gentle, inspiring, and moving. I received profound messages for myself and the world, and am happily integrating all that in my life and work. I strongly recommend this experience for any serious spiritual seeker or world server, including men. It’s a profound gift you can give to yourself and the planet.”

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.
Founding Director, Seven Sisters Mystery School
& author, The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece.