Through the Eyes of Infinity, countless reflections of our collective brilliance emerge as we travel through the prisms and pathways each of us have created.  Divine Blueprint holds the intention for this LINKS portal to grow, and encourages you contact Amoraea to set up cross-link exchanges and networking possibilities…

Mysticism meets Science

Dan Winter & the Implosion Physics Group —  New Fractal Science, Toroidal Physics, and the Unified Field realization of the Immortal structure of the Soul

Nassim Harramein & The Resonance Project —  Unified Field Theory, quantum physics, & building of The Arc of the Covenant

3 Magic Words Movie —  profound documentary merging mysticism & Science, including interview with Amoraea + my art & music

Sangraal —  Esoteric Wisdom and hermetic science

Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension —  Virtual akashic library of psychospiritual information

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle —-  Distant Healing, Global Meditation, Inspiration,  Teaching & Books on Spirituality, & more

OmPlace —-   ‘Conscious Living’ Directory and Alternative NewsRoom

Meru (the work of Stan Tenan) —–   Toroidal physics and the structure of creation

Healing and Transformation

Stargate Alliance —  A trans-media company inspiring the world into conscious change

Secrets of Love — A hybrid docudrama on love as an evolutionary tool

Mystic Journey OM – An-Ra-Nae —  Alchemical Sacred Essential Oil Blends, Custom Blends, and Spritzers for the Journey Home

Bringing Heaven to Earth —-   Amara Athena Golden Age activations and Transmissions of light codes,  Ascension workshops

The Angel~Heart Connection —  Susan Hart: Angel Readings, Healings, Archangel Activations & Workshops

Auracle’s Colour Therapy by Leslie —-  Illuminating Colours of Unconditional Love, Certified Courses, Readings/Healing Treatments

Shamangelic Healing by Anahata —   Rejuvenation & Cleansing retreats, Shamanic healing sessions

Sacred Geometry Forms of Mana —   Mana’s Visionary Sacred Geometry Holograms, Healings, Ascension Keys, Sacred Journeys…

The Universal Inspiration Project — Inspiring Love, kindness and a better world

Total Life Care  —  Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher Tony Giuffreda

Spiritual Resources and Products

Children of the Sun Foundation —  A global platform serving as the bridge between consciousness paradigms by helping others in to the higher dimensional system of new earth energy.

Children of the Sun Community —   Meet the Ambassadors of Light, loving and living the Unified Field.

Visionary Artists

Mykal Aubry —    Visionary artist and facilitator of chakra meditation ceremonies

Alex Grey

Starwheels —   Amazing starglyph mandalas

Mark Henson —  Sacred Light Studios

Robert Venosa —-   Master of Psychedelic and Surreal Art


Fractalarts —  amazing fractal designs

Visionary art link portal –  check out many other artists here

Energy Portraits —   Leiah’s Art From the Heart

Other Related Interests

Creative Levity — incredible web design work