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Breathwork Ceremony

Private/Personal Meditation Training

Meditation means many things-at the basic level,it is clearing the mind and opening the subtle senses to the realm where your soul can be felt deeper.Meditation then progresses from emptying the mind and being totally receptive,to enhancing your ability to see/experience your Divine Identity(that which is eternal & beyond form) and THE Divine intelligence/CreatorSource which you are inherently united with.My training,whether over the phone, or face to face together here at my ‘dharma temple home’ will facilitate:

1) Clear your energy field and mental body,in preparation for:

2) Expanding into greater ecstacy,fluidity,peace,love,so that you may be able to:

3) Continually access for yourself the invisible realms and the luminous space within,so finally:

4) Remain in unbroken unity consciousness when you meditate and reside beyond duality,distraction,fear,etc.

60 min sessions are $80

or series of 4 sessions for $250 (ask about this…)
I will email you after receiving payment to schedule a time for our session