Amoraea’s newest and most acclaimed CD, ‘Antahkarana’ was composed as a vehicle to establish the Antahkarana (‘Rainbow Bridge’ in Sanskrit) between all levels and dimensions of your I-dentity. Keyboard soundscapes and nature sounds blend seamlessly with celestial tapestries of flute, harp, percussion, angelic vocals, singing bowls and didjeridoo for an orchestrated journey through Mystical Realms. Ideal for use in meditation, ritual, yoga, massage/ healing, lovemaking and any other form of uniting with your Spiritual Essence. Antahkarana is one unbroken composition like To view the Flash MP3 Player please update your Flash Player.
a soundtrack, fluidly traveling from deep to uplifting, angelic to shamanic, meditative to activating, in its mood and feeling… Designed as a holographic journey!Antahkarana, the CD and painting, were received as one Holographic template to express in both a sonic and visual form the sacred architecture of the soul and our divine relation as one pillar among the infinite pillars within the temple of Consciousness. Sound and Light are both frequencies and are like two helixes of information spiraling around and expressing the same source. May this transmission awaken the codes of light and sound within your own holographic template! …. Blessings
The word ‘Antahkarana’ translates as ‘bridge’ from the Tibetan language, and describes the ‘line of communication’ or thread that is gradually constructed within a being from personality to Monad or Source. Opening the way for the creative energies to flow down through the various levels of consciousness, one becomes this multi-spectrum stream and ultimately can direct the integrated energies toward the illumination of humanity as a whole. We may think of the Antahkarana as a ‘rainbow bridge’ composed of a seven-fold spectrum of dimensionalized forces which must be brought into perfect alignment and focus within us in order to fulfill our inherent Spiritual Purpose. As we vibrate to these energies, we become consciously attuned to the planetary, solar, and universal logos (intelligence) and serve the ultimate plan of uniting all creation through our being.

Testimonials for Antahkarana CD

”Amoraea’s sonic synthesis takes me immediately into higher states of consciousness. It is at once deep and majestic, shamanic and angelic in nature…Every time I need a reminder of who I really am in my Sacred Heart, I put on his CD’s. Unlike other new age or meditation CD’s I’ve listened to, they are dynamic and engaging with seamlessly woven emotional landscapes that inspire me into exaltation. To experience the celestial music of Amoraea is to experience the healing presence of the Divine.”

Elijah (Recording Artist, Visionary Composer)

“There is a mystical chord pervading ‘Antahkarana’ that attunes my soul to a real sense of the Divine. I am taken on a new journey every time I play it! And I play it all the time – in my Reiki Healing Sessions, in my solo meditation time, at night when I go to sleep, and when I really am called to open the gates into multi-dimensional awareness. This has become a soundtrack for my soul’s passage through life.”

Stephanie Karacene (Spiritual Workshop Organizer / Promoter)

“In playing Amoraea’s music at my international seminars, participants have told me over and over again that they feel Amoraea’s music is like a superluminal LIFT into the higher dimensions. Even people who don’t considered themselves practiced meditators tell me that they are virtually swept up into enlightened spheres. These celestial soundtracks pull me into sublime spaces, into deep spiritual dimensions, that ignite my soul with higher truths and open doors for illumination. The nature of his music, based on true spiritual experiences, catapults one into such profound states with ease.”

Ilona Selke (author & international seminar teacher)