Aurora’s Gate CD

With this musical prayer, I intend to turn your living space into a Sanctuary of Peace, a Temple of Communion… your own spa destination of tranquility…This Composition is a remixing of Amoraea’s 2 original albums, ‘Antahkarana’ and ‘Future Memories’… It was designed specifically for use in healing and therapeutic sessions, drawing from the most soothing, balancing tracks of the original albums. Please understand, this is not a new album of music, but a remix… (READ MORE BELOW)To view the Flash MP3 Player please update your Flash Player.
Like a sonic therapeutic bath, ‘Aurora’s Gate’ will immerse you in lush nourishing tones and sublime fluid radiance. Keyboard soundscapes and nature sounds blend seamlessly with celestial tapestries of flute, harp, angelic vocals, light percussion and crystal singing bowls for enchanting and relaxing sojourns. This composition is ideal for use in spa therapy, meditation, yoga, ritual, and any experience to enhance your spiritual presence.No other creative modality but music can flood your sensorium with such emotionally evocative realities that transform your entire being. Even on a physiological level, music can rejuvenate the listener by lowering blood pressure, altering breathing rate, and harmonizing thoughts and feelings… Thus the body and mind are primed for lifting our consciousness beyond the everyday cares into the spiritual dimensions!An authentically inspired piece of music strikes a universal chord through every listener, opening them up for healing and deep inner journeying. ‘Aurora’s Gate’ takes you on such a journey with its rich and compelling vistas of mystical realms that will entice your soul deeper to access profound states of consciousness.