Didjeridoo Dreamtime

 Amoraea’s first album is one for the archives!Artists Dreamseed and River Freedom have designed this CD specifically to use in the background of their healing sessions. The album is 52 minutes of unbroken music created to keep the listener in a continuous trance state for deep trance-formation. Listeners report profound relaxation, enhanced energy flow, visions, and emotional mental release. The CD is used by numerous massage therapists, yoga instructors, meditation teachers and students, and for dreamtime excursions. To view the Flash MP3 Player please update your Flash Player.
Woven with the celestially rooted harmonics of the didjeridoo are also nature and animal sounds, toning,Tibetan singing bowls, keyboard and drum–a rich sonic landscape for the soul to travel through. Didjeredoo Dreamtime is integrally designed as both a relaxing and activating experience of mind, body and soul.