Divine Human Blueprint Guided Meditation CD

If you are ready to anchor the TRUE & FULL expression of your eternal being, and live from a lucid state of awareness in touch with your Creation Matrix, this CD was MADE FOR YOU.

This double disc CD is an accompaniment to Amoraea’s Divine Human Blueprint course manual and serves as an experiential guide to navigate through the magnificent architecture of your multi-dimensional body & the very physics of your consciousness.  Each of the 9 meditations builds upon a progression of advanced teachings and techniques revealing the subtle dynamics of creation that allow us to

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enter “Creator Consciousness” access and sustain soul awareness, and understand the quantum Intelligence that sources our reality.

Over 2 hours of masterful guidance for the soul to journey to its pinnacle expression.  The meditations are enhanced with an exquisite blend of Amoraea’s and many other celestial composers’ soundtracks !