Future Memories

Enter a Harmonic Temple as you embark on this epic saga of sound! The powerful vibrations of the didjeridoo provide the carrier wave for your soul to journey into mystical states and access future memories of your Perfected Self.
This CD is designed as a healing template to restructure your spiritual and cellular body. It is infused with holophonic higher frequency prism codes to help awaken your soul’s Original Blueprint.Future Memories’ is a 53 minute composition of unbroken music intricately woven with
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didjeridoo, synthesizer, various drums, flutes, crystal singing bowls, and nature sounds, intended to induce deep harmonic attunement. Listen with your whole body!Experience Future Memories as a “Cosmic Recalibration” soundtrack, a voyage for the soul’s progression into multi-dimensionally activated states. We remember our future by resonating to our Divine Human Blueprint — the Genesis state of our Being. This CD has been used by many as a direct access tunnel through space and time to that Original State. Best used with full intention as a sacred sound journey. Over 20 people have told me they listen to this EVERY night when they go to bed, for it is dreamy as well as reprogramming their brainstates into higher luminal functions.