As the ever-cresting wave of the Planetary Grid Project continues its transformational sweep into the souls of an awakening humanity, a new self-organizing principle is revealing a perfect New Earth Human design.  Key frequency harmonics from a higher evolutionary blueprint are being sourced from within many of us, and an Imperative Directive from our Collective Oneness is now asking us to gather together to create ‘Light Lenses’ for cosmic energies and information to be delivered through us and into the etheric body of the planet.  Whenever we consciously focus as spiritual groups, we call forth this God/dess-like energy to embody.  Thus we become a realized vehicle to bring Source into form with the intent to shift the position of humanity into an enlightened Co-Creatorship of a NEW EARTH DESTINY.

The Light Body, as our Awakened Spiritual Vehicle, finds its tantric expression not only within itself, but in all its relatings with the rest of the universe.  We build a progressive current of energies and awareness of our Infinite Light as it infuses into the physical/cellular structure of our bodies.  Thus we penetrate beyond form into Cosmic Consciousness so that we can then penetrate back into form (our bodies) from a whole new, fully integrated perspective where the Universe and ‘Emptiness Awareness’ dances through and within us !  Our bodies are the foundational (play)ground where true embodied Ascension will take place – we kiss Heaven and Earth within our own being to fuse dyadic creation into Unity Consciousness.

We are at a critical time junction on the planet right now!  The rapidly evolving consciousness-wave on the Earth is coalescing a mandala of vast multi-dimensional proportions. Certain volunteering souls are being synchronized to bring the macrocosm of universal wisdom and intelligence into the exploding microcosm of our human story here on Starship Gaia.  We now have encoded within our very genetic halls of memory, a 50,000 year storehouse of wisdom, essence, practices, and advancements from numerous enlightened cultures throughout time.  As human bio-electric light-lenses for the entire hologram of planetary memory to enter through, the universe is asking awakening beings such as YOU to embody the synthesis of all teachings (beyond the specific forms) into an integrated mandalic template… universal, transcending boundaries, yet each of us holding a specific harmonic gift that will blend and synchronize with the flower-petaled  array of other beloved family members within the mandala.