This image may represent Jeshua and his Divine Counterpart Mary Magdalene anchoring the Divine Force of God through their beings and establishing the ‘Antahkarana Bridge’ (in Sanskrit – the ‘line of communication’ or thread that is gradually constructed within a being from personality to Monad or Source.) On a more general level, the image represents any person or Divine Couple opening the Chalice of their Being to receive the Divine and be transfigured into their Angelic or Higher Self in the process.

Like the Ida and Pingala (feminine and masculine forces) spiraling up the Sushumna Current of the Spine, their light weaves around the Earth, Sun, and beyond to the Collective Universal Consciousness represented here by the many faces of Ascended Celestial Beings. Together they are dreaming and being Dreamed by the Omnicentric Fractal GodSource, the Jeweled Center of Creation. Pillars of Light and Force flanking the left and right recede toward infinity: these represent the Cosmic Architecture and Sacred Powers that hold Creation together.