Celestial Communion

You can feel it – the calm night breeze is charged with the full moon’s celestial radiance. These souls have prepared and trained weeks for the co-creation of this portal into the higher spheres of Consciousness — they serve as a bridge for the Cosmic Intelligence to precipitate down into the energetic grids of the Earth Realm. Amidst the open Sky Temple of Chrysanthea Falls in the hidden Valley of the Saints, 7 human beings now each invoke the Overlighting Essence of their individual ‘I AM Presence’ or GodSelf. First aligning their own sovereign identities with the Source of All Beingness, stationing and stabilizing their Awareness within their Ascended Nature, and only then overlapping their ‘light lenses’ together to build a super-coherent structure of Consciousness that penetrates as one through the membrane of the third dimension into the subtler planes… the focus and intention of a collective group mind is like a mandala, operating as a kaleidoscope to receive incoming crystalline geometries of energy.

As it has ever and all-ways been, there are myriad servants of the One existing within every dimension, each perfectly working upon the Ray of their incarnation in the moment, embodying the qualities and essence of that dimension, and collaborating (whether consciously or not) with all the other beings and dimensions. By attuning to the Celestial Realms with dedication and service, the 7 Lightkeepers are unexpectedly anointed by the presence of an Angelic Couple. Grace Light Descends… The Light from above blesses the Light from within each of their souls. We behold and manifest into our field ever higher and higher reflections and activating currents of Intelligence and luminosity to infuse us, lift us into our Supreme Beingness. In the state of exaltation and revelation at the Nature of Creation, these humans glimpse the Divine and are transfigured.

Like all consciousness, the Angelic Beings travel through a spiraling matrix of Light and are then translated by the prismatic radiant information fields into this spectrum of being here on Earth. The appearance and meeting of these beings IS the actual bridge into their domain of consciousness-attainment that they occupy. All of Creation is organized for our experience according to the level of consciousness we have learned to play within. Soon enough, we become the angels blessing and interacting with those in other domains of reality, or horizontally within the dimension we are situated in.

Humility, glory, awe, surrender, deliverance, and reverence all blend together in the hearts, minds, and souls of those awakening to Inseparable Oneness. Devotion to the formless within all forms, above, below, and between, is what evokes states and experiences such as these. When we are attuned with the Sacred Presence of Spirit living through all things, the miraculous becomes a daily occurrence, the light of the Celestial Realms blesses us, and our heads touch the Vaults of Heaven. It is all that close, but requires a simultaneous act of surrender and willed penetration into the Heart of God. May this painting serve as a Gateway of Remembrance into the Sanctuary of your own Being…