Harmonic Convergence

by Amoraea 2001

This vision expresses the collective prayer of our Earth Family, seen in perfect harmony and relationship within the sacred geometries of the Flower of Life. Pictured here are six beings each embodying one of the root races, as well as one color of the rainbow. Below them is the region of the earth which their race is rooted from – Asia, India, North America, Europe, South America and Africa. Each being is held in polar balance with its masculine or feminine counterpart across the circle. Three generations are also embodied within the group – a pair of younger beings, middle age adults, and elders (within the womans’ cycle – maiden, mother, and crone). Held together in the rainbow circle, we are united as one Rainbow Nation – stewards of the earth, spectral beings sharing one vision, one purpose, one heart, and one mind. Through the activation of our strengths and the manifestation of our prayers , we shall achieve the global awakening of Unified Consciousness, holding the planetary grid in balance for the collective ascension as we become a Phoenix rising to the Stars. The mandalic form is centered around the Flower of Life, which is a geometric blueprint for the nature and structure of Reality. This Universal Symbol underlies the fabric of consciousness, from Spirit into matter. Hidden in its form are the alchemical building blocks which trace our design and provide the vehicle for our Ascension. As a meditational tool, the Flower of Life mandala also provides a visual doorway into deeper dimensions of consciousness, accessing an inner space of peace, divine order and balance.

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