The Priestess

Upon the throne or ritual platform of the earthly kingdom stands Woman, woven into the precious fabric of Nature with all Her glorious elements. Arising to the status of Priestess, taking sovereign ownership of her own seamless connection to God, and penetrating through the mysteries of the veils between dimensions, she stands at the Gateway where all dimensions of her being converge.  She now opens to the etheric embrace of  her Higher Self Image or soul body (though in truth her Soul created the image of her fleshly incarnation in the hierarchy of manifestation). This is the pinnacle of her being in form, the subtle ether of the Soul Body, and once established there, the bridge is now connected to rise beyond the form into the superluminal formless essence of pure Being. Our Soul Star is situated like a precious pearl within the Cosmic Source, united with the radiant omniscient Matrix of Intelligence and genesis medium that unceasingly pours forth creationary blueprints. The Human Blueprint is a Sacred Covenant between Source and our Soul to reflect Its Light all the way into the third dimension and awaken as embodied consciousness capable of expressing and realizing Itself as Source.