Sacred Covenant

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It is here in this ancient temple under the Sphinx of Egypt that the Sacred Covenant was initiated and Project Earth made realized by the unified intent of 12 chosen beings from a distant star. Now, millennia later, a lineage is rewoven, a promise and destiny remembered, through the incarnation of 6 men and 6 women (only 5 shown.) Their journey’s End and Beginning culminates here, as the Stargate Portal is reactivated and the codes of human genesis viscerally embodied once more. They are completely surrendered to a higher destiny that directs their ceremonial movements in synchronization with the golden spiral ratios of Light that begin to spin, and the waveform of three-dimensional space collapses in upon itself to open a doorway to Infinity and for ALL to be remembered!

Within ‘The Sacred Covenant’ is an entire script awaiting you to engage and remember your place within it. Indeed, this is the cover to the forthcoming novel with the same title currently being written by the artist. It is a story, though, written by all of us – The Greatest Story Ever Told !