This was channeled through me in August of 2007, and is a gift for all to declare for their own Self… It is a cosmic decree that may open up powerful new energies and higher-thought-programs and new awareness of your true Identity…. Take what is valuable to YOU, and if you wish, Say it with full conviction !

Through the power of my I AM, commissioned by the Eternal Presence, I align now with the office of the Cosmic Christ and the hosts of the Supernal Light who co-direct the ascending plan of consciousness upon our Earth as well as the greater restructuring of the Divine Blueprint in our local universe. Through the transmitting force of the Violet Flame and the capstone / mantle of the cosmic Christ, I now embody only that which is of the highest light ~ all other programs, through-forms, influences within & without that are not in full serviceship to Truth, I command be dissolved & released in love so that my full original glory, as written in God’s Language of Light within my Biogenesis Merkaba Vehicle Template, may be restored to its heavenly position and fulfill its commissioned purpose. Upon my cellular structure and garment of light I AM purified and rise to a sustained frequency capacity that anchors an unwavering extension of God’s will into my will for the ordering of all my actions, thoughts, and feelings.

The Faith of Wisdom, the ‘Pistis Sophia’, establishes my mind and spirit in the living truth that knows only victory — attainment beyond doubt of the supreme power that cannot be manipulated by entropic forces!  I stand now in that pillar, which is omni-symmetrical & balanced through all dimensions of time, space & energy.  Oh, Christed Pillar of light, grant me access to the potencies & powers, the sight and the hearing of the Inner Directorate, so that I may channel the Seed of my God-imbued awareness into this Creation!  May my humility be a doorway into supreme service…

In this very moment, The Sirian dolphin Christ spiral imbeds the sacred geometrical codes and sound-light templates that superconduct my higher-energetic pathways in frictionless grace. I transcend the giving-receiving polarity as I enter NOW a ‘Quantum Transfiguration Chamber’ in which all forces conduct as one through me. The Creator beholds Creation through the lens of my Divine Self !

So Be It….