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Temple of the Void Ceremony for website

The Soul’s greatest desire is married to its greatest fear ~ to surrender back into the Primordial Mother / Creator
Join Amoraea and Priestesses for a night of True Initiation

Through an entrainment of breath, sound, inner light, energetic techniques, guided meditations, and certain gateways of initiation that we have developed, each soul will discover the undying aspect of the self AND the very core of their humanity…. This journey is for those who wish to meet themselves transparently and liberate from the trappings of the mind to ignite their Eternal.

In ancient Egypt, the ‘Transmigration of the Soul’ was a conceptual reality for initiates of the Mystery Schools, and reached its penultimate embodiment in The Great Pyramid within the Sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber, where a being met her or his Immortal Self beyond body and form in a death-and-rebirth process that lasted 3 days. Through a ritual archetypal enactment of this experience, participants will integrate the polarity of their Light & Shadow and emerge as their Sahu Body, or Body of Light, that has been purified of its fears and doubts, and is allowed to travel the cosmic realms of the Soul freely as well as master and incarnate into their body more fully.

This particular ceremony is limited to 33 people. We WILL fill up! YOU MUST RESERVE A SPACE, even if you don’t prepay
Contact immediately for more information and to confirm you are coming. Suggested donation is $33-44

Extremely important : bring extra blankets to cover yourself with, padding for underneath, pillow for sitting……

Testimonials for Temple of the Void Ceremony
“Powerfully expansive and deeply healing ~ Activated fully my lifetimes in Egypt and the High Council, my sacred name came to me, and I have been visited by many Angels since that evening. I appreciate the immaculate space you hold, igniting the eternal spark of genius within us all.” Freyja Nord

“I touched the core element of my soul’s wound and for the first time breached past the fear into a total surrender back into the Source. I entered through multi-dimensional doorways that were truly shamanic and mystical. I’ve never experienced a group energy so powerful, I felt like we were all one unified field.” ~ Scott Reiner ~ Sound Healer, Musician

“The light your essence emerged and the sound vibration of your voice plus the potency of the journey are pulsing through all of us whom attended.” ~ Graell Corsini ~ Founder of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Priestess of the Goddess Trainings