Full Moon Winter Soulstice 12/22/07

Holy Grail … Creation’s Cauldron….

Cosmic Fire Light spun into Gaia’s rich brew

A Sacred Covenant forged in each of our hearts

To complete the Plan of Perfection.

We quiver in the Deliverance,

As Heaven’s Constellations stream down our Soul Bridge

To give birth into the Genesis Womb of Earth.

Once concealed, Now revealed,

This secret alchemy in our cells,

This timeless Legacy in our genes,

This Holy Rapture in our Blood,

A pristine yet primal urge

Commands us fulfill Its consuming Purpose

To consummate the promise of Sacred Union

For which we offer our total Beingness to.

Whence we stare into the eyes of our Beloved

And God stares back with all masks unveiled

Then we know that we have been married to Truth

And taken our Sacred Vows

Not just to each other

But to the Source that lights our Souls’ path Home.

For this love is the Great Harvest

We ecstatically offer back up

To the Sewer of All Seeds,

The Tender of the Garden in our Hearts

The God Within meeting Itself yet again through our Eyes.

Beloved — in the Holy Grail of my Heart,

I hold your precious Love Elixir

Sweetest ambrosia I hath ever tasted

Bubbling with the froth of our Divine Temptation

The courting of the Heavenly Consorts above

Equal in their passion as Pan & Artemis

Copulating a cornucopia in the Garden of Earthly Delights

I drink from the Mysticated Wine of our Union

Offered into a chalice

Whose rim is a corona

Designed in the domed heavens.

We make a passageway for the Light Rays

To spin down through the vaults of Cosmos

Into our Love’s Prism

In the Dionysian Fields of the Gods

We play out endlessly

This Cosmic Earthly Love Affair

Sanctioned by the Original Couple

As a reenactment of ‘The Only Dance There Is’

One Dance, One Trance

That whirls the Dervish of Destiny

The Infinite Spiral of Devotion

The Immaculate Memory of Perfection