Time Travel

Why does everyone like Time travel stories?

Inherently, we remember the capacity to travel without moving, through space and time.  That is, consciousness is infinite and yet is inhabiting a finite body, and the juxtaposition creates a sense that we are both in time but not of it, just like we remember we are in the world but not of the world.  Windows into N-dimensional space-time, or glances of the panorama of All-Time encapsulated within our consciousness creates a presence where the Great Witness within us comes on-line and can see our incarnation as just one nodal point amongst a much greater structure or architecture of energy/being/awareness.  It is that feeling of a dream within a dream within a dream that shocks our little ego out of its egg shell to have spherical vision — a greater purpose or movement within the vastness of creation — a re-cognition of our small but absolutely integral part of a great symphony of Souls undergoing a profound experiment in Self-realization.  Immediately humility seals our overall sense of grandeur, so minuscule yet impossibly grand we are, seamlessly connected to the Whole, to a landscape of time painted over eons to marvel at Its own journey.

The soul longs to be enveloped by the Almighty and played like an instrument, to experience itself as the divine melody sung by the Great Musician… We bow into our own Source.