Experience my New HOLOGRAPHIC ART Here

Vajra Ascension
Future Memories
Sacred Covenant
Pistis Sophia
Celestial Communion
Homo Divinicus (In-Breath)
Divine Blueprint – Priestess – NEW VERSION
The God Code
We Are Here - Divine BlueprintWe Are Here- NEW REVISION
Divine Human Blueprint – Priest
Divine Human Blueprint – Priestess
Homo Divinicus (In-Breath) Naked
Homo Divinicus (Out-Breath) Naked
Prima Materia
The God Code (Close Up)
Didjeridoo Dreamtime
Harmonic Convergence
Temple Transfiguration
Doorway to Eternity

What makes Amoraea’s art so special?

Amoraea’s mystical artwork translates the essence of Spirit into visually encoded images intended for interactive holographic engagement with one’s Higher Self. Described as ‘luminous portals’ and ‘maps of the psycho-spiritual landscape,’ Amoraea’s pioneering work is a visual engineering of consciousness that penetrates into the archetypal domain of the soul. Employing the mediums of acrylic, watercolor, and digital design, Amoraea’s visionary art represents a synthesis of various sacred concepts and metaphors derived from the primal gnostic wisdom behind all spiritual traditions, and depicts themes of co-creation, sacred relationship, connection to our Higher Self, and direct active participation with Source. Each ‘ensouled’ image is intended to attune viewers to heightened states of consciousness and emotional qualities, bringing one into his or her own transcendental awareness. Like a living shrine or sacred gateway, they are powerful images to place at one’s altar or space of meditation to reflect one’s own innate divine qualities and perfect ascendant nature. The intangible realms of spiritual awareness are here made visible to access, interact with, and create more definition for the soul.

The Quest for the Soul hidden behind all incarnations, the spark of Intelligent Light behind each molecule of matter, the Eternal Essence behind every culture and time period – these are the themes that are universal and speak to any heart upon their path of Awakening.


“I’ve used Amoraea’s paintings for the last 5 years in my international seminars as visual representations of the Soul Awareness techniques I teach. Participants are immediately transported into specific soul states of consciousness according to which image I am using to embellish my guided meditation and visualizations. There is a calling in each one of them that brings people home and a feeling that they are living experiences – real places, real memories captured – not just an artist’s renditions from his own mind.” ~Ilona Selke, international seminar leader, author “Amoraea Dreamseed’s paintings depict the total alchemical transformation of Consciousness on this Planet. When my patients require special assistance out of the shadows of self-worth in their psyche, I have them meditate upon Amoraea’s images. Using timeless soul-filled themes, sacred geometry, color, and inspired visions, he conveys ancient memories that help unleash the viewer’s deepest potentials.” ~Eugene A. Alliende, MFT “There are really no human words that can convey the energies I myself, and all those who see your art in my home feel, as these are unspoken energies between our Hearts and Divine. The only words people seem to utter are, “Oh my God…these are stunning”. They speak to the Heart on many levels and anchor in hope and wisdom to those who still seek the truth within their souls. Because you are so powerful in your Heart, mind and soul, it radiates into every piece of work you touch. The love that exudes from the littlest detail is felt so deeply… As a multidimensional angel, you bring to humankind your blessings of light, harmony, balance and unconditional love through these beautiful and radiant works of art. Hearts and souls can be awakened, just by gazing into the sacred geometry of each and every painting. My Heart sings to be around such beauty!” ~Leslie Sloane, Priestess & Founder of “Auracle’s Colour Therapy, Inc.”