Holographic Art

Amoraea’s Holographic Art series merges mysticism with science and represents the leading edge in a new medium of visionary art. These stunning multi-dimensional images open an even deeper interactive experience with Amoraea’s exalting archetypal themes and create a virtual bridge of light between you and the realms of the soul. The videos don’t do them justice, but get a taste below … They’re more than just images made with paint on paper: they are dancing light-infused portals that open soulcodes within you!

“Pillars of Ascension”

The theme expressed through the conjunction of these images is the ascension of consciousness through a transfiguration of the soul into a higher dimension. Each landscape depicts a mystical place, royal and illuminated, upon which the transfiguration is occurring. These landscapes or scenes reveal how the subtle realms begin to glisten and enliven the characters’ experience, as if we are getting a glimpse through their awesome perspective of the ‘Grand Event.’ You will notice a central axis on each image upon which the character or characters are rising up and through in their consciousness. As our consciousness ascends, it unites with the Supreme radiating Source as well as with all the beings who eternally reside in that space. The pillar theme is inherent in all images also as a representation of the etheric pillars that bridge heaven and earth together. Discover much, much more of the interlocking secrets of these 3 original images — Divine Human Blueprint, Vajra Ascension, and Starseed – within my original art descriptions pages !

“The Sacred Marriage”

A ‘Sacred Marriage’ is consecrated, bound, and offered equally between the souls involved and to God . What is truly being married is the souls of the human participants to a greater Light that is ultimately transfiguring by nature. A sacred marriage is often between a couple, but can also be between a whole group of beings through a holy event, as seen in the Celestial Communion and Synergenesis paintings. The theme of co-creation, of surrendering ourselves to a common and higher source through collective destiny, desire, and intent, shows us that life is a production of Grace: as we open ourselves to Spirit, there is both a descent and ascent of Love. We are transceivers of this holy energy, and when we come into alignment with the Source, we are immediately utilized for greater purpose and consecrated for being a conduit of the Divine. The angelic quality of our Higher Selves is either directly shown as the characters’ own enlightened presence or as represented by a descent of Angelic figures from above. Discover much, much more of the interlocking secrets of these 3 original images — Antahkarana, Celestial Communion, and Synergenesis — within my art descriptions pages on my website!

“Gaia Rising”

The spiritual presence of Gaia-Earth is held within the loving womb of space and the sacred hands of ‘The Father’, just as She holds humanity within Her evolutionary embrace. Ultimately, Earth and humanity are evolving collectively – co-creating the unfolding path of destiny into a grander sphere of existence. Signaled by the Phoenix rising and the primal magma flow of the Mother erupting from the embryonic core in the Ray One image, we are being reborn as a collective species. As depicted both by the geometric grid cupping the bottom of the earth and the Tube Torus flowing energy lines surrounding it, we each harmonically hold a piece of the whole, and play our part in the Grand Event as we pass through the Rainbow Bridge and activate the Christ Consciousness field around the planet. A representation of Mother Earth Herself in human vestige with arms outdrawn in offering completes the Multiple Art Image, showing how intimate and personal our evolution is with the living being we call our planet Earth. Discover much, much more of the interlocking secrets of these 3 original images — Ray One, Universal Torus Lightbody, and Harmonic Convergence — within my original art descriptions pages !

“The Sacred Covenant”

It is here in this ancient temple under the Sphinx of Egypt that the Sacred Covenant was initiated and Project Earth made realized by the unified intent of 12 chosen beings from a distant star. Now, millennia later, a lineage is rewoven, a promise and destiny remembered, through the incarnation of 6 men and 6 women (only 5 shown.) Their journey’s End and Beginning culminates here, as the Stargate Portal is reactivated and the codes of human genesis viscerally embodied once more. They are completely surrendered to a higher destiny that directs their ceremonial movements in synchronization with the golden spiral ratios of Light that begin to spin, and the waveform of three-dimensional space collapses in upon itself to open a doorway to Infinity and for ALL to be remembered!

Within ‘The Sacred Covenant’ is an entire script awaiting you to engage and remember your place within it. Indeed, this is the cover to the forthcoming novel with the same title currently being written by the artist. It is a story, though, written by all of us – The Greatest Story Ever Told !

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“Pistis Sophia”

In this allegorical vision, a central priestess is joined by her fellow priests and priestesses for the complete embodiment of the ‘Sophia’ or ‘Shekinah’ or Goddess energy. Above her, an infinite plenum of spiritual force is being delivered into an archetypal chalice, and descending down around her as a spiral helical pillar of light. The male priests hold strong support in a triad to help anchor the potent energetic dispensation from ‘The Heavens,’ As the Grail, the Divine Feminine Receptive principle, she offers herself as the container for the Light / Information and generates the matrix for the Light to imbed itself into manifestation. And this is also the secret to the Grail Mystery. In Old French, ‘san graal’ or ‘san gréal’ means “Holy Grail” and ‘sang réal’ means “royal blood”. Here we start to get a clue into the deeper functions of the DNA and blood — the Golden Spiral creates charge compression and becomes a massive fractal attractor, energizing the blood with the primal material that births stars into existence, and spins Holy Light of the Father into the Grail/Womb Matrix of the Mother.
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