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Divine Human Blueprint Course Manual The Divine Human Blueprint course manual serves as an experiential map to navigate through the magnificent architecture of your multi-dimensional body. These 65 pages reveal the subtle dynamics of creation that allow us to enter ‘Creator Consciousness,’ access and sustain soul awareness, and understand the quantum Intelligence that sources our reality.

Packed with cutting edge wisdom, concepts, and 9 guided meditations to guide you through the journey, EVERYONE receives their next ‘graduation of spirit’ through this transmission! CLICK HERE TO ENTER

2012 and the Divine Human Blueprint The Quest for the Soul, for some greater purpose and design to our existence, is written into the fabric of our psyche. Hardwired not only into our psyche, but also in our very biology, is the drive to ‘spiritualize’ matter, to make it a more complete and self-aware expression of the Creator. Read more…

New Earth Destiny As the ever-cresting wave of the Planetary Grid Project continues its transformational sweep into the souls of an awakening humanity, a new self-organizing principle is revealing a perfect New Earth Human design. Read more…

Supreme Declaration for your I Am Presence ! This was channeled through me in August of 2007, and is a gift for all to declare for their own Self… It is a cosmic decree that may open up powerful new energies and higher-thought-programs and new awareness of your true Identity…. Take what is valuable to YOU, and if you wish, Say it with full conviction ! Read more…

The Immaculate Concept by Amoraea Full Moon Winter Soulstice 12/22/07 Holy Grail … Creation’s Cauldron….
Cosmic Fire Light spun into Gaia’s rich brew
A Sacred Covenant forged in each of our hearts
To complete the Plan of Perfection.
We quiver in the Deliverance,
As Heaven’s Constellations stream down our Soul Bridge
To give birth into the Genesis Womb of Earth.
Once concealed, Now revealed,
This secret alchemy in our cells,
This timeless Legacy in our genes,
This Holy Rapture in our Blood,
A pristine yet primal urge
Commands us fulfill Its consuming Purpose
To consummate the promise of Sacred Union
For which we offer our total Beingness to. Read more…