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What makes Amoraea’s art so special?
Amoraea’s mystical artwork translates the essence of Spirit into visually encoded images intended for interactive holographic engagement with one’s Higher Self. Employing the mediums of acrylic, watercolor, and digital design, Amoraea’s visionary art represents a synthesis of various sacred concepts and metaphors derived from the primal gnostic wisdom behind all spiritual traditions, and depicts themes of co-creation, sacred relationship, connection to our Higher Self, and direct active participation with Source. Each ‘ensouled’ image is intended to attune viewers to heightened states of consciousness and emotional qualities, bringing one into his or her own transcendental awareness. Like a living shrine or sacred gateway, they are powerful images to place at one’s altar or space of meditation to reflect one’s own innate divine qualities and perfect ascendant nature. The intangible realms of spiritual awareness are here made visible to access, interact with, and create more definition for the soul.
The Quest for the Soul hidden behind all incarnations, the spark of Intelligent Light behind each molecule of matter, the Eternal Essence behind every culture and time period – these are the themes that are universal and speak to any heart upon their path of Awakening.