by Amoraea
Watercolor art 1999

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Weaving the dimensions of sacred geometry, light, color, language, time and space, this holographic picture depicts the whole story of human existence … from our journey into countless births, lives, and deaths, to our final ascent off the karmic wheel and achievement of mastery. The Cosmic Christ figure holds the Earth in his arms with his heart-shaped wings surrounding It. In the absolute center of the painting is an embryo, representing the Alpha-Omega point (beginning and end), and from the middle of the Infinity Loop comes the the seven miniature figures representating the developmental stages of Man, from baby to maturity to old age to death and then back again into the Alpha-Omega point for another incarnation around the Wheel of Life. This cycle, however, is still trapped within the illusion of duality, so also shown is the golden road off the Karmic Wheel and a being walking in his Rainbow Body of Light toward the pyramid of Unity Consciousness, where he shall achieve Ascension — as many Masters before him have, and so shall we all, for it is the fulfillment of the Grand Design of Creation.

“Axis Access” — Full Description

…Representing the cosmic Template for the Earth Experience… The painting is centered around the Flower of Life pattern, a universal matrix which is the foundational blueprint for all Reality. Highlighted here are seven of the spheres, each embodying one of the color rays with the Earth as the indigo ray in the middle. The Flower of Life symbol has been found etched or printed on temple walls and sacred sites of many ancient civilizations and is used as an alchemical gateway into cosmic consciousness. Hidden within its sacred geometrical form are the “keys to the Kingdom of Creation.”

Our connection and assistance from Ascended Masters throughout cultures of every age and place reminds us that there is only One Being fulfilling the journey towards enlightened Consciousness. The Ascended Masters/Enlightened figures depicted at the top of the picture are as follows (form top clockwise): the Pleiadians, Shiva, Sai Baba, Christ, Buddha, Akhenaton (Egyptian master). In the middle is the Mayan symbol called Hunab Ku (‘from which all consciousness spirals from and returns to’), much like the Tao or Yin/Yang concept.
From the cosmic Womb opening at the bottom of the picture, we see all of creation forming above. Emanating from this primordial creation are spirals of light and sound whose energetic patterns create sacred geometric shapes (the five Platonic Solids… geometry as the universal language) which give rise to the birth of spoken language (seen within the blue sphere – the divine original seed languages of Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Egyptian.) Also arising from the Womb are the whales and dolphins, our cosmic guides who have come here to steward our Evolution.

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10 x 14 Giclee Paper, 18 x 24 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Giclee Canvas


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