Celestial Communion


by Amoraea
Digital art 2008

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You can feel it – the calm night breeze is charged with the full moon’s celestial radiance. These souls have prepared and trained weeks for the co-creation of this portal into the higher spheres of Consciousness — they serve as a bridge for the Cosmic Intelligence to precipitate down into the energetic grids of the Earth Realm. Amidst the open Sky Temple of Chrysanthea Falls in the hidden Valley of the Saints, 7 human beings now each invoke the Overlighting Essence of their individual ‘I AM Presence’ or GodSelf. First aligning their own sovereign identities with the Source of All Beingness, stationing and stabilizing their Awareness within their Ascended Nature, and only then overlapping their ‘light lenses’ together to build a super-coherent structure of Consciousness that penetrates as one through the membrane of the third dimension into the subtler planes… the focus and intention of a collective group mind is like a mandala, operating as a kaleidoscope to receive incoming crystalline geometries of energy.

As it has ever and all-ways been, there are myriad servants of the One existing within every dimension, each perfectly working upon the Ray of their incarnation in the moment, embodying the qualities and essence of that dimension, and collaborating (whether consciously or not) with all the other beings and dimensions. By attuning to the Celestial Realms with dedication and service, the 7 Lightkeepers are unexpectedly anointed by the presence of an Angelic Couple. Grace Light Descends… The Light from above blesses the Light from within each of their souls. We behold and manifest into our field ever higher and higher reflections and activating currents of Intelligence and luminosity to infuse us, lift us into our Supreme Beingness. In the state of exaltation and revelation at the Nature of Creation, these humans glimpse the Divine and are transfigured.

“Celestial Communion” — Full Description

The “Ceremonial Activation” series

As a species we are reaching a pinnacle of global enlightened intent that has not been seen since Atlantis. It is happening through the awakening of each individual soul into their own embodiment and inherent purpose, and it is also happening through the ‘mission imperative’ of focusing our light and prayers in groups together to call down the energies required for waking up humanity as a whole. This has always been the highest resonant intent within the Circles of Old that have continued to incarnate throughout time in all cultures and parts of the world, known as the priests & priestesses, shamans, wizards, bodhisattvas, keepers of the Secret Faith and servants of the Law of One.

The intent of this series is to depict the direct transmission of superluminal energetics and focusing power within these sacred groups that have honed their ability to collectively engage and call upon Source to descend the ‘Light of Heaven’ into the Chalice of Form and Communion. When we focus our hearts and spirits together, it is like creating a ‘light lens’ or prism for God to come through. Sacred sites that hold resonant lines of force are always chosen to act as antennas and anchors for the ascending and descending lightflows the group ceremonially activates. By ‘ceremony’ we mean consciously invoking with spiritual focus the higher powers of the Cosmos/Creator and of our own sovereign souls… and by ‘activation’ we describe the transformational portal that is switched on in us and the collective field for each one to embody their full potential.

These sacred images capture the revelation and majesty, awe and epiphany that naturally exalt each being as they offer themselves fully to the Higher Power. They also capture the unseen or subtle luminosity that many experience when they enter these expanded states, and invite the viewer to turn inward and join the priests & priestesses in remembering that most selfless and imperative of purposes for incarnating during these times – to serve the awakening of the species as a whole and act as balance counterpoints for the great misuse of energy that is simultaneously occurring within the karmic schoolhouse of Earth.

These images are also scenes from Amoraea’s forthcoming novel on ceremonial activation and Soul Ascension, entitled ‘The Sacred Covenant.’

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10 x 14 Giclee Paper, 18 x 24 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Giclee Canvas


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