Didjeridoo Dreamtime


by Amoraea
Watercolor art 1998

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An Australian Aborigine plays his didjeridoo, an ancient instrument which they use ceremonially to connect with the “Dreamtime”. Not just a musical instrument, the didjeridoo is a trance-inducing vehicle into visionary inner landscapes. The Dreamtime is the name for their spiritual realm which they believe is both their primordial origin point as well as the ever-generating creationary matrix that they are a part of. Beyond yet encompassing all of time and space, the Dreamtime is a field of consciousness where we are inseparable from our ancestors and from the Grand Designer (Source Intelligence). From the Shaman’s didjeridoo emanates a fluid dream-creation filled with his totem animal spirits (which can be seen transforming from archetypes into living creations), primordial ancestors, his family (and their collective embryonic dream of future generations), and the very geometric patterns which are the energetic blueprint for creation. This emanation ultimately flows back into him (…the creator…) through his head, symbolizing that Creator and Creation are one in a never-ending dream cycle. As he dreams his Reality into existence, so Reality is dreaming him… On the left, we see the Shaman’s shadow becoming the painting of his ancestor on the rock wall, symbolizing that he and his archetypal Ancestor are reflections of one another.

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10 x 14 Giclee Paper, 18 x 24 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Giclee Canvas


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