This is the Hemi-Sync version and same musical composition of ‘Future Memories’… Dreamseed / Future Memories is one unbroken composition like a soundtrack, fluidly traveling from deep to uplifting, angelic to shamanic, meditative to activating, in its mood and feeling; Designed as a holographic journey… Theta and Delta wave brain-frequencies are imbedded behind the music…
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The pioneering research of Dr. Robert Monroe on the effect of binaural-beat-induced brainwave states birthed not only the Hemi-Sync company, but also the acclaimed Monroe Institute, where thousands have gone for training in higher states of consciousness. His studies reveal the influence of specific

Hemi-Sync® sound patterns on consciousness, mostly to trigger listeners easily into Theta and Delta wave brainstates, which signals when we are in deep meditation and ultimate relaxation. The hemi-sync frequencies are imbedding non-intrusively behind the music to entrain the listener into even deeper spiritual realiites!

Access spiritual realms and gain harmonic attunement with the music of Amoraea Dreamseed and Hemi-Sync®. Dreamseed transports you, experientially, into powerful mystical states using the low vibrational tones of the didgeridoo to resonate into all levels of your body, mind, and spirit. Bring balance to your subtle energy systems as you access the healing energy within. Instruments featured: didgeridoo, synthesizer, various drums, flutes, crystal singing bowls and nature sounds.

The patented Hemi-Sync® process has been refined with over 40 years of research and development. Ongoing experimentation, data collection and analysis are conducted at The Monroe Institute’s laboratory facilities to demonstrate the correlation between subjective experiential reports and objective electronic measurements.

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