Future Memories


by Amoraea Dreamseed 2003

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“Future Memories” basic visual representation depicts the Genesis of the Original Celestial Human Template, the Divine Blueprint upon which all present humans were initially seeded from. The 3 “Angelic” beings surrounding the Human represent vast Creator Beings who are more a Collective or Gestalt Consciousness than singular identities, who together assisted in the genetic co-creation of our Human Race. Our creationary purpose was as a guardian race, intended to serve as the embodied, commissioned Keepers of the Sacred Flame and Stewards of the Earth Stargate.

“Future Memories” – Full Description

Our original 12-Strand DNA Silicate Matrix provided us all the biological crystalline codes for existing, traveling, and evolving through the first 12 dimensions of the Time Matrix. Embedded within our 12 strands were also the connection and full access to the 12 Universal and Planetary Star Gates. Upon reaching full integration within the 12th dimension/12th strand, we anchor into our Avatar Christiac Identity. In truth, this perfected (Christed) aspect of our Identity exists NOW simultaneously, and is providing us the tools, messages, and experiences in our life to return to Its Full Presence again. The term “Christ” came from the original word “Krist” (also where the root word of “Krishna” is derived) and defines this fully embodied 12th dimensional Ascended Consciousness; it is not a term or being exclusive to the Christian Religion, nor was Jesheua (“Jesus”) the only being capable of achieving this Divine “Christed” Consciousness. It is actually our birthright and the Future Memory genetically embedded within each and every one of us to remember and ultimately reclaim again!

Below the feet of the human figure is a silver disc with 12 smaller gold discs inside, each with one of the 12 strands of his DNA spiraling down to the Crystal Core Center of the Earth. This represents our intimate Original Divine Purpose with Earth as Stewards and Keepers of the Wisdom of Stargate Earth, which has been encoded into the very structure of our DNA. Hovering also above the human head (in between the two hands of the Founders Race beings) is a glowing merkaba. The merkaba is the transharmonic vehicle surrounding all beings and every unit of consciousness and is ultimately how we shift and travel through all dimensional levels within our Time Matrix. These are not simply esoteric ideas, but rather true Universal Unified Field Physics and Matter Template Sciences which were once common knowledge, taught in the pre-Ancient Schools of advanced human cultures.

All the colors utilized in “Future Memories” have been chosen with precision and have not only symbolic meaning, but also direct effect upon the human aura and consciousness. Every dimension within our reality has a corresponding color frequency. The colors of the Primal Light Fields of the higher dimensions are the luminous pale turquoise, pale gold, and pale magenta shown below beyond the space surrounding the Earth and also spiraling around the human figure, denoting their intimate creationary play in the birthing of our template. Truly, all things are composed of Electro-tonal (‘light-sound’) waves patterns, it is what our genetic foundation and matter itself is built upon. We are the radiant dance of light and sound!

It is my wish that “Future Memories” awakens the deepest part of you, strikes some chord of pre-memberance of your origins and your future perfected destiny. May the colors and symbols infuse into your DNA and accelerate the inevitable process of your evolution!

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10 x 14 Giclee paper, 18 x 24 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Giclee Canvas


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