Gaia Rising


by Amoraea
Holographic art 5X7



The spiritual presence of Gaia-Earth is held within the loving womb of space and the sacred hands of ‘The Father’, just as She holds humanity within Her evolutionary embrace. Ultimately, Earth and humanity are evolving collectively – co-creating the unfolding path of destiny into a grander sphere of existence. Signaled by the Phoenix rising and the primal magma flow of the Mother erupting from the embryonic core in the Ray One image, we are being reborn as a collective species. As depicted both by the geometric grid cupping the bottom of the earth and the Tube Torus flowing energy lines surrounding it, we each harmonically hold a piece of the whole, and play our part in the Grand Event as we pass through the Rainbow Bridge and activate the Christ Consciousness field around the planet. A representation of Mother Earth Herself in human vestige with arms outdrawn in offering completes the Multiple Art Image, showing how intimate and personal our evolution is with the living being we call our planet Earth. Discover much, much more of the interlocking secrets of these 3 original images — Ray One, Universal Torus Lightbody, and Harmonic Convergence — within my original art descriptions pages !