Homo Divinicus


by Amoraea
Digital art 2013

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Our species is in the beginning stages of a total mutation and evolutionary leap from Homo Sapiens to Homo Divinicus, or ‘The Divine Human.’ This is a shift from the egoic, subconscious, personal self to the non-egoic, co-creative, divine Essential Self and is within each of us now as members of this cross-over generation to become fully human and fully divine, recognizing this not as a dichotomy but as the crescendoing spiral of consciousness in form. This is the ultimate goal of the incarnational process, as we each emanate out from Source into a Soul Essence, and then bring Soul into the very heart of matter to become self-aware of our God-nature and awaken from within the Creator’s Dream as Individualized Immortal reflections of Itself.
Each being here represents one of the main root races, as well as one color of the rainbow. Below them is the region of the earth their race is rooted from (beginning at top-center moving clockwise: Europe, North America, India, South America, Africa, and Asia). Each being is held in polar balance with its masculine or feminine counterpart across the circle. Three generations are also embodied within the group – a pair of younger beings, middle age adults, and elders (within the womans’ cycle – maiden, mother, and crone).
Earth stewardship, enlightened service, God-focused awareness and recognition of global unity are the hallmarks of the Divine Human. In empty presence, we become channels for the Light and the Will of the Divine to inseminate into the planetary membrane for the fulfillment of the evolutionary plan of our local home here. As we expand in compassion and consciousness, we graduate from the Genetic Mind of the planet into the universal and cosmic planes of existence, eventually merging with the Supreme Intelligence of Source and become co-creators of not only our own reality, but sacred architects birthing blueprints for new dimensions and spheres of consciousness within the playground of the material universe. These 6 beings are entirely linked into the Motherboard of Creation and surrender their personal identity to the Quantum Organizing Intelligence that pulses from the center of the Black Hole/White Hole, the Alpha and Omega of Love.

This image is the emblem for Amoraea’s 8-week TeleCourse and intensive trainings “The Divine Human: Genesis of the Awakened Heart.” If this sparks a tone of destiny within you, and you would like to embody the feeling encoded in this vision, please read about the Courses HERE

This is 1 of 3 images within an upcoming Holographic Version.

Click on the image below for the “Out-Breath” version of Homo Divinicus.

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10 x 10 Giclee Paper, 18 x 18 Vinyl, 24 x 24 Vinyl, 24 x 24 Giclee Canvas, 10 x 14 Giclee paper, 18 x 24 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Giclee Canvas


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