The God Code


by Amoraea 2013

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The Genesis of the human form is ‘Divine by Design’ and is held within the soul’s sacred architecture. Our soul’s sacred architecture is resonantly sound and symmetrical with the greater architecture of the Cosmos. Creation works by reflecting itself, its design, within every order and dimension in such a way that it can travel and send information/energy from the greatest to the smallest forms. We are reminded of this universal law in the phrase “As Above, So Below”, which means ‘ from the macro to the microcosm, I AM perfectly and congruently formed.’ Another term in geometry for this holographic order is ‘fractal.’ And so it has been found in Physics that all things, all units of consciousness, have a very special energy structure around them that ‘holds it all together,’ called the Tube Torus. The torus looks like a big fat donut with a very small (w)hole in the center. In fact, that hole is a ‘black hole,’ which creates the infinite gravity wave implosion that spirals all energy into itself, and is actually the only way energy stabilizes. (We may also call this force “LOVE.”) A light ray bends itself into a circle because of this force so that it can stabilize itself into a lasting form. Energy is continuously spiraling in and out of the two poles to and from the center, the center that is a gateway to all other centers, ultimately unified with Source Itself, which precedes and births time and space and uses the torus as the “in and out door .” So we can say that the torus is fundamental to the working dynamics of Quantum Physics… Scientists have now found proof of this energetic structure around human bodies, planets, stars, galaxies, and even down into the microuniverse of cells and atoms.

In the human bio-field, the torus allows for the communication, transferal and translation of energies from the subtler realms into our body, mind, chakras, and soul. The torus is inherently connected with the divine golden ratio known as the spiral, for that is the pathway energy travels along its surface (and jumps dimensions from other toruses of energy) as it is siphoned from the poles toward the center like a whirlpool.

The intention behind this image is to depict the various subtle energetic sheaths and mediums within which the human soul’s consciousness is encapsulated. Our Body of Light is part of a greater Sacred Architecture composing our Infinite Nature that the artist is terming ‘The Divine Human Blueprint.’ Within this vast scope of our limitless Being, our Lightbody carries and translates the informational blueprints of our Soul and provides the circuit board that steps up and down the energetic dimensions of our Being. Once awakened, the body is transformed into a direct outpouring of our Higher Radiant Consciousness. Each Soul on its evolutionary path eventually awakens to the true synthesis of Spiritual Incarnation in a physical body, and usually only then may transcend out of it if so desired and situate itself at a subtler dimension of being beyond the physical. The artist is loosely using the term “Lightbody“ to also encompass the chakras, light meridians, universal torus body, Higher Self, and other energetic structures of our being. We may look at this image as a map and energetic schematic of the Divine Design created by God/Source Intelligence to reveal not only the Genesis of our form but the pathway toward the full potential held so preciously and perfectly within our form.

Elements within “The God Code” are part of the “Homo Divinicus” Hologram, available in April.

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10 x 10 Giclee Paper, 18 x 18 Vinyl, 24 x 24 Vinyl, 24 x 24 Giclee Canvas


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