The Sacred Marriage


by Amoraea
Holographic art 5X7



A ‘Sacred Marriage’ is consecrated, bound, and offered equally between the souls involved and to God . What is truly being married is the souls of the human participants to a greater Light that is ultimately transfiguring by nature. A sacred marriage is often between a couple, but can also be between a whole group of beings through a holy event, as seen in the Celestial Communion and Synergenesis paintings. The theme of co-creation, of surrendering ourselves to a common and higher source through collective destiny, desire, and intent, shows us that life is a production of Grace: as we open ourselves to Spirit, there is both a descent and ascent of Love. We are transceivers of this holy energy, and when we come into alignment with the Source, we are immediately utilized for greater purpose and consecrated for being a conduit of the Divine. The angelic quality of our Higher Selves is either directly shown as the characters’ own enlightened presence or as represented by a descent of Angelic figures from above. Discover much, much more of the interlocking secrets of these 3 original images — Antahkarana, Celestial Communion, and Synergenesis — within my art descriptions pages on my website!


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