The Sacred Covenant

Synopsis for the forthcoming novel:


by Amoraea

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What do an Atlantean Priestess, Essene Monk, ancient Aborigine, Mayan Timekeeper, Peruvian Shaman, Quantum Physicist, and 6 other time-traveling characters all have in common? As the tectonic timequakes caused by some prophetic future event begin to ripple through the hologram of existence here on Planet Earth, a synchronizing progression of experiences will reveal their woven destiny … one that is seamlessly connected with the origin of humankind!
Join Beloved main characters Kira and Kalesh as they discover their Soul Family and reclaim the memory of their Ancient Future destiny. This is a sacred mission that pulls them across the planet from the sacred stargate sites of Peru and Tibet to mystical Hawaii and Egypt. Every step of the way reveals archetypal wisdom teachings of Mastery, ceremonial embodiment, and surrender to higher destiny. Learn what the Sacred Covenant is that binds us ALL to the Higher Evolutionary programs of Light taking place on the planet … the mystery of history, the mechanics of Time, the synchronicities of Consciousness, the doorway of Love, and the Eternal Plan of Perfection governed by our Higher Selves on our inevitable journey Home to Source.
Like a Celtic Knot through history, The Sacred Covenant traces the interconnected journeys of 6 characters in the present and 6 characters seeded throughout other moments in this 26,000 year cosmic time cycle who all begin to become aware of each other’s existence and inescapable destiny. A seamless series of events synchronized by a quantum spacetime machine built in our near-future provides the backdrop for a multi-dimensional plot that will serve to propel the characters not only closer to their fate, but closer to their Enlightenment.
Perhaps nearer to truth in its symbolism than fiction, The Sacred Covenant elicits revelations on the subjects of Soul Awareness, Multi-dimensional consciousness, Destiny, Quantum Physics, Planetary Awakening, Ascension, Tantra, Love without End, and the Human Potential. The Question is no longer ‘Are we ready for the Shift?’ but instead ‘How can we embody our Highest Mastery in order to steward the Plan of Perfection?’ This novel has been engineered to awaken memories of Your Divine Blueprint and role within the Planetary Ascension Program

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