Touching Grace


Each of Amoraea’s CD’s are designed as sonic templates for soul journeys, higher consciousness activation, and deep meditation.

These Soundtracks for Ascension are perfect for therapeutic sessions, ritual, yoga, tantra & dreamtime journeys. All are unbroken compositions designed to keep you in a fluid stream of experience… They are used internationally by various Healing Arts Therapists, Yoga & Meditation teachers, Wellness Centers and in documentaries/Youtube videos


Touching Grace

The pioneering research of Dr. Robert Monroe on the effect of binaural-beat-induced brainwave states birthed not only the Hemi-Sync company, but also the acclaimed Monroe Institute, where thousands have gone for training in higher states of consciousness. His studies reveal the influence of specific. Hemi-Sync® sound patterns on consciousness, mostly to trigger listeners easily into Theta and Delta wave brainstates, which signals when we are in deep meditation and ultimate relaxation.

Aurora’s Gate

This Composition is a remixing of Amoraea’s 2 original albums, Antahkarana and Future Memories…...


Amoraea’s most acclaimed CD, Antahkarana is celestial, emotionally provocative and spiritually...

Touching Grace

This is the Hemi-Sync version and same musical composition of ‘Antahkarana’…

Future Memories

Experience Future Memories as a “Cosmic Recalibration” soundtrack, a voyage for the soul’s...


This is the Hemi-Sync version and same musical composition of ‘Future Memories’… Dreamseed /...

Didjeridoo Dreamtime

Amoraea’s first album, dating back to 1998, was designed specifically to use in his Didjeridoo...

Divine Human Blueprint

Over 2 hours of masterful guidance for the soul to journey to its pinnacle expression