by Amoraea
Acrylic art 2006

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12 Angelic Humans join as a group soul, just as the 12 complete notes of one octave, to unite in harmony and praise the Supreme Source of their collective creation. Eternal Wisdom reveals to us that all things are bridged into Creation by the geometry known as the ‘Golden Mean Spiral.’ Hidden within its mysteries and infinite beginningless form are the keys to consciousness itself.

“Synergenesis” — Full Description

‘Synergenesis’ expresses the glorious Collective Ascension of our Spirit back into the Infinite Godhead. The Geometry of Souls reveals here the perfect symmetry of God’s Design. And like the souls in this painting, we may trace the spiral backward and forward to the Mysterious Endless Source. Similar in design and expression is the ‘phi ratio’ found in the successive proportions of the helix of light between each couple as it weaves its way tighter and smaller toward the One. A common expression of the ‘phi ratio’ is found in the proportions within our own body, measured as the distance between each joint in relation to eachother. Ancient philosophers regarded this numerical relation (which rounds to 1.618) as the most holy of holies.

The True Tantra of the Soul is the Beloved Relationship with God, which unites us with the Supreme Godself Within. Every relationship has this as its sacred seed, for it is the union of the dual into One. The culmination of this Divinity in the human realms is the ‘Sacred Marriage’. Man and woman, as the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles, is consecrated in the Holy Chalice of Love. This outer joining again points us to the Sacred Marriage that must be found within, between our own masculine and feminine aspects, in order for us to ascend and gain mastery of our form. Sometimes referred to as ‘Twin Flames’ or ‘Twin Rays’ or simply ‘Soulmates’, the geometry of soul between these two is sourced from the same original Soul Essence. Through lifetimes, two souls may have a destiny and ‘Soul Contract’ to work with one another and ultimately complete each other’s ascension process back into unity consciousness. These two souls are also part of a grander design, a ‘collective group soul’ composed of 12, which comprise an ‘Oversoul’, of which then 12 Oversouls comprise yet another hierarchy of Consciousness (12 x 12 = 144), and so on… Whether sparking the inherent desire of fulfillment with another or reminding one of the Sacred Alchemical Marriage Within, this painting was born from the same Ancient Tantric Wisdom – the path that leads home to God – the Beloved.

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10 x 14 Giclee Paper, 18 x 24 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Vinyl, 24 x 36 Giclee Canvas


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